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• Public Schools in Shaoyanq, Hunan province Shaoyang is located at the southwest of the center of Hunan Province. OnnaIy named Baoqing, it has a long history. Its city sites can be traced back to 2500 years ago in Spring and Autumn Penod, Being a busy traffic main drag, it has been an wriportant city since ancient times. There are ‘Baoqing Twelve Scenic Spots’ located around the city zone like a nng, at the reaches of Za River. Combining the beauty of manpower and nature, it has Shuangqing Park. Shuifumiao Garden, l)ongta Park, as well as the beauty of the two rivers, towels and four bridges. There are also Mount ii, Mount Wugangyun.There is lots of picturesque scenery all over Shaoyang: Mount Nanshan with vast green hills, grassland and clear water is lauded by Taoyuanming, a renowned Chinese poet. Mount Langshan has a wide variety of stones and peaks, strange shapes and different sizes. As the saying goes:Xinneng’s strange peaks are equal in fame to the Wuling’s’. Mount Yunshan attracting visitors for it?s mysterious fairyland and a scenic spot of religion is one of the 72 national places of perfect happiness, en add.bon, Huangsuang with a well-kept prim forest and rare bwds and animals being well worth vsihng as well. Established in 2008, 1UP International English Group (“lUP”) is a government licensed private education and management company. Since 2012 1IJP has partnered with numerous public schools throughout the greater Shaoyang, Hunan Province region. 1LJP manages the oral English courses for these schools, providing them with cumculuin, books and most importantly: their foreign teachers. 1IJP also owns and operates its own English Training School in Shaoyang City - and was awarded 2016 Best Training School in Hunan Province.

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