About us

Findjobschina.com attaches to Shandong World Wide HR company, which established in April 2014. It is a website that provides a comprehensive range of services and information for the job seekers, employers and hunters. Since the foundation, we have established good cooperation relationship with many HR companies in America and Europe. At the beginning of 2016, we purchased the chinaesljob.com, which is the famous foreign teachers recruitment website.

Findjobschina.com is a professional website in China providing HR service for the international talents. With the government support, superior technical facilities as well as highly professional and enthusiastic HR team, Findjobschina.com has built up a distinguished platform for both international talents and domestic institutes in need of foreign intelligence.

Findjobschina.com collects job demands for international experts required by Chinese government and enterprises, then brings them together in one database. It also hosts a page for on-line discussion on issues of technical exchange, professional placement, and training opportunities abroad. Laws and regulations related to the international talents exchange industry are published on a frequently up-dated schedule on Findjobschina.com.

Besides, Findjobschina.com also provides the following services:

•Free resumes (C.V.) publishing for job seekers

•Posts release for employers

•Recruitment service

If you are a job seeker, you can find the most job opportunities in more than 150 cities in China on Findjobschina.com. If you are the employers and hunters, we are able to provide the most professional and best recruitment service for you.