After two years of in-depth research and development, we have complete the rapid, accurate, sustainable and cross-platform recruitment platform which can serve recruiters, job seekers and employers.

In addition, our team go to the United States, Canada to conduct long-term research argument, signing localization headhunters to ensure a good marketing advantage.

Precise Localization

 No matter you are hiring ESL teachers or foreign subject teachers, or hiring foreign management positions, based on efficient retrieval within the station and station data matching push service, you can make a Precise Localization for your recruitment target, save a lot of time and costs.

In addition to downloading the resumes, publishing job listings, the users can also carry out special recruitment, we will popularize all special channels in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and other countries for advertising push straight, make sure that our important customers will get twice the result with half the effort.

· Direct recruitment

· The employers can recruit foreigners directly with less cost. In , the

· Employers can find the foreign job seekers directly, by publishing resume information, the foreign job seekers can apply the position directly.

Besides, the employers can entrust headhunters to do recruitment quickly, they also can release

price position to get more recommends, which can raise efficiency, save time cost.

· Cloud service

· The users can use our platform by CP, PAD,and cellphone. The notice will be sent to your cellphone directly, so you can make a reply quickly.