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What's up in Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,and other cities of China? Would you like to know what’s happening in your city ? Are you a Chinese culture expert? Find out what you are intrested in here, and you won't feel alone in China.

Performers wanted for Shanghai Disn...


   Entertainers dressed in Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costumes perform at the Shanghai Disney Resort May 16, 2016. [Photo/IC]...[details]

A good principal treats all student...


   In a dinning hall of a middle school in Zhengzhou, Henan province, more than 600 Junior Three students ate the pizza with...[details]

Mike Tyson Coming to China to Promo...


   Boxing legend Michael Gerard Mike Tyson is set to come to China to promote boxing on May 23, according to International B...[details]

Chinese thousands of people tour tr...


   6500 elites from all over the world gathered in Paris and Nice, scooping the Guinness world record for spelling words wit...[details]

Tips about Moving to China


   Moving to China can represent a significant challenge for even the most hardened expat. China is the third biggest country ...[details]

Planning your trip to China


   1. Decide Where to Go in China   China is an enormous country with diverse options for travel. You can be as adventurous...[details]